Friday, August 24, 2012

Why Can't Pants Fit Properly?

On my way home this afternoon, I had to stop and pick up a tool. Since I was already out and about, and the pants I had on were sagging quite badly, I decided that I would make a couple of stops to see if I could find one pair of pants (anywhere from low knee to high ankle length) to replace them for the rest of the warmer months this year.  I'm tired of constantly having to pull my pants up, and while I don't really want to invest in more clothes while I'm trying to lose weight, I also understand that it will be quite embarrassing the day that they actually fall down.
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So, off to a few stores I went - full of high hopes, and with the belief that I'd be able (obviously, since the ones I was wearing were nearly falling off) to find a new pair in a size smaller. Silly, silly woman! How wrong I was to think such things.

While I realize that people have different body shapes and types, I cannot for the life of me figure out why pants cannot be made to fit properly. I am aware that there are a couple of manufacturers out there now making jeans and other pants in 3 distinct shapes, but what about other pants... like capris, shorts, etc? These still have the same problem as far as I'm concerned, and while I am aware that we are hitting the end of summer, the reality is that we have several more weeks, if not months, of warmer weather - and honestly, I'd prefer not to be wearing heavy jeans if I can avoid them.

I tried pants on in the same size as the current pants as well as the next size down, and two sizes down, and none of them would fit. The pants I found were either so tight that I couldn't even begin to pull them all the way up, or they were enormously huge in the waist and tight everywhere else. Who in the world are these pants made for? Obviously, not the freak body I'm apparently carrying around. I never thought my body was so misshapen, but apparently it is. I know I have large legs, but I just cannot believe that I couldn't find a single pair that came close to fitting properly.

I'm chalking it up to a bad day to attempt shopping, but to try three different stores, and many different sizes and not find a single thing that fit... let's just say, it's not exactly doing any favors for my self-esteem. {sigh}


  1. There are times when I would pay $500 for a pair that fit. Went shopping Saturday, five stores – 2 pair. Yes, 2 pair!! I tried on about 12. Everything is slinky, skinny, or just plain bad. I kept seeing nice pants on the mannequins and kept thinking the pants look nice on the hanger, not so nice on the hangee.

    Remember when everything seemed high waisted and you just cinched em up with a belt. Now its the exact opposite. The waistband drops five inches but stays the same damned size. I just don’t get it. Who designs this crap anyway??

    1. Certainly, I can commiserate with you. I do kind of miss those days of the high waisted pants... it was much easier to find a belt then it is to deal with these incredibly skinny legged pants. When the skinny leg jeans/pants craze came in a few years ago, I figured it would be a one-season pain that I'd have to deal with, but it looks like it's here to stay for a bit, unfortunately for those of us with a bit more meat on our legs.

      I'm impressed that you found two pair in a single shopping trip! You must've been thrilled. :O) I actually found a pair over the weekend as well... I almost thought I should buy multiple pairs because it's such a rarity to find anymore, but I decided that I'm still losing so the one pair was enough.


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